Thursday, July 16, 2009


A healthy person i am but not for this time.I already sick for almost 2 weeks .haiz.i wanna go home.T.T


Frame said...

OMG, two weeks? means u fall sick once u back to UTM, poor thing...take care!!!

chuanyi_mystory said...

coz she miss you too much seow.=D

soOk_yEn said...

wanna take k wor, c doc n drink more water la..

chloe said...

eng keng,
few days after start not feeling well de..but recover ady lo...haha..

Chuan yi,
Fatty,u very free izit?wan me to display ur photo in msn izit?lolz..

Sook yen,
haha..10x for being doin fine ady..hey..i hope to c u wen i back...haha...