Sunday, August 23, 2009


This is weird and annoying.Yet,i don't have a clue to fix it.I'm depressed.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


A healthy person i am but not for this time.I already sick for almost 2 weeks .haiz.i wanna go home.T.T

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Friday, June 12, 2009

Together We Are One

It is a inspiring song that comes in the right time.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Helmet Gamer..

This is Xiao Ting...So focus in gaming...lolz..

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Breathe

Tell me how do you think about the new look of my blog...Any comment is preferable...=)

Thursday, April 30, 2009


Im in the bus now!haha,,,30th april,5pm sharp.say bye bye to JB!
im on da way home..hahaa..3 months of being apart from the place where i grow excitement now is ineffable..
But,one thing i family is damn miss me ..haha..expecially my mum..lolzz..
few days ago ,i call back home as usual.that time is morning.but the same day in the afternoon,i saw mom miss call me.and i call back to her.
I said:" why calling?"
Mum said:"oh..i just too play with my handphone and accidentally press to call you."
hahaha..what a lame excuse..haha..we talk for half an hour anyway.
Semester break starts.I hope there gonna be something different yet fruitful.
And ya,5 minutes ago,my cousin and sister ring me :
They said:"we go up the hill to shoot tiger once you reach here ya!"
lolz..i bet everybody is scratching head is family language,lolz..
well,it means,"we go Genting Highland once you reach here"
Know what is in my mind now?theme park?no no..
im aged,what's more if not casino!lol..
Casino!im hunting you tonight!lolz..

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Jarak jauh ku tak kira
Ah moi gila dalam hatiku juga;

Hari berjumpa ku ternanti-nanti
Masa lama Saban-saban cuit hati;

Jadi jahat marilah kita
Masa gila marilah kita cipta;

Semangat lembu yang menjalin hati
Peganglah tangan kita barakan lagi!

p/s:untuk sahabat karibku....

Friday, April 24, 2009

四月 24 日 晴


Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Now is 3am.While waiting for my hair to dry,i use the time to blog.
So,i just got back from Losting Concert.I have kinda mix feeling for this concert.
First thing,let me tell you some details about the concert.The number of audience is almost 300 people.This concert is fun and songs are really great.I never know UTM will have so many ''hidden dragon''.Cool,i enjoyed to be part of them for this concert.
Although,i realised that most of the feedback form filled by the audience had gave us MC a very good rating since we soap most of the audeince.But,as for myself,i knew that i was kinda low performance.Slow reaction(tonight's hosting is in impromptu way.Fast reaction is deadly important),forgot the song title(luckily my partner is smart enough to safe me on time).What i can say is ,if you ask me to rate myself ,i will say i only worth for 25 out of know,this is not my first time to host such kinda activity and do it in impromptu way and neither it is the biggest show i ever host.So,i just can't understand why i will encounter sucj kinda condition.Totally disappointed by myself.Sad.
Anyway,another experience and lesson gained.No matter how,i still find that hosting is a challenging job.I like it much.I believe,i will happy again after i wake up tommorow.
p/s: if i free on coming sem break,i will post up pictures taken.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Watch Your Step !

This morning,there was a girl who live in other wing of my hostel was sent to hospital.She was fell down from first floor to the ground!
As heard,she left her key in room .Thus,she climbed over the window of the living room intended to reach the balcony of her room which the door was left open.
Mishap happened when she miss her step.Her friend tried but still can't hold her hand in time.No mercy from god.''DUMP!!!''she fell down just like this.
Blood draining out from head and nose.She shouted for throe.Luckily,she just suffered a minor fracture on her wrist and minor injuries on head.
Dread drove me quiver like an aspen leaf when i first knew about this incident.I was thinking,i used to do what she did for the same purpose.Just that i did it for helping my friend.Know what?i climbed on 4th floor that time.And, favourite spot for phone chatting is my balcony.I will sit on my balcony and talk endlessly.-_-ll...really thanks god that i still can jump here n there now!!!I promise will sit diam diam next time.haha..
I wish the girl will get well soon.






Editor's note:
-This is my very first creation of poem in this blog.expecially dedicate for my ji mui boon. .haha..She so 麻烦.I told her that i'm writing a blog in msn.Then she ask me to write something sentimental.what la,it is all about my favour on what to write ma.where got people 要求多多,so 难服侍啊!hahahhaa...=P
-High gratitude to Mr.Glendon for giving me precious comment before this poem being posted.METHXI(thank you in French)!!haha

Friday 13th JUne

Had just finish a TIRING movie-watching.If i'm not mistaken ,the movie title was ''Friday 13th June''.
Again,a horror movie that made me shouted my lungs out!!
The violence scenes with people's head chopped off and the nail puctured the eyeball.
Know what?if i have heart attack,you probably can say tata(byebye)to me already.lolz.
Fear nailed me me to my seat with my increasing heatbeat.I did nothing but shout and use my hands to close my eyes.How shameful it was to me.This movie totally drown me in intension.
Um,if you have nothing to do or u had been in a typical life of dull.Watch it!i think this drama will be the one that you longing for.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

what did i up to?

hey,guys!I'm back.well,topic for today.''what did i up to? ''Simple question calls for simple answer.
Well,my holiday started veracious to say,it is a study week.Started yesterday until 19 of april.12 days of holidays can be fun and another way round.
The picture how i being depravedly in last year study week still painted in my mind.Close myself in room with drama and games rounding the clock. I just cross finger that it will not happen to me again.For that,i had made my moves.
Today's morning i went for Easter celebration.Next monday,i will be the master of ceremony for Losting Concert.This a new songs release concert.I mean students with their own created song will perform it on that day.Hope it will be an enjoyable day for me.
And yea,probably,i will back home on 30 of april.haha.3 months of no home coming really break my record of life. For sure,i don't hope there will be a better one.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Sunday was just relaxing for the evening,i went to play volleyball.For your info,i never play volleyball before.haha.So,the time i play was like i more to evade when the ball come or i can't hit the ball.haha..Don't really like volleyball as it was painful to hit it..-_-ll
after 20mins of playing,i just come out with a sugestion:
you guys know what is ''deng kok kok (the way i call it wen i was a kid )/fire and freeze /兵捉贼?''
After explanation given,volleyball time change to deng kok kok time..haha..
The game is like we have someone to be the police,and he need to catch the others.
whereas the others just need to run as to avoid from being caught.haha..
small kids game played by 21 years old teenager and we have a guy with us leh..and he is JOSEPH...hahah...JOSEPH IS SO CHILDISH!!!!LOLZ..
p/s: Do contact me if you want to join us for the game.hahah...=P

Friday, March 13, 2009

Another day..

haha..had just finish my bloody tests today..what a relief...
Today gave out my another first time on utm--motorbike riding.haha...
Thought of play badminton but hall was fulled.
So,a brilliant idea came out of a friend of mine.
''Why don't we get a motorbike to dine outside utm?''she said.
''cool!''i said while nodding head.
So,the experience is just exciting for me.It is a gear mode one which i'm not really used to it.Many cars passing by.. Don't know how to describe the feeling but it is diferent if compared with motor riding in T.I( my lovely hometown).
Anyway,it is dangerous to ride here.

Editor notes:
-empty mind today.
-like the cool wheather of tonight.
-miss my home
-miss my old buddies
-had a great satisfaction today

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

May you rest in peace,my friend...

Sad to say that a schoolmate of mine had leave the world.
An accident had took away her life...
Used to joke and play with her..
She is nice,cute and has a sweet smile..
All these scene now can only be memories...
How come god is so cruel..
Life of a 21 years old girl shouldn't end like this..haigh..
Nothing more to say but...
my friend,
you are in our heart..
may you rest in peace.....

Monday, March 9, 2009

Ain't me at home(last day)

Just back from badminton playing..haha..enjoy it much.
For today,the atmosphere of hostel had already back to normal.
unlike 2 days before which is spooky expecially at late night.
my level was almost empty.The air was like still and you can even hear the sound of a needle dropped on the floor.Can you imagine that?haha..
Even i felt like wanna anwswer the nature call,i just tell myself ''npl,hang on,do it tommorow is just the should know there is difference,right?lolz..
Later gotta go and register for co-curiculum activity for my coming semester.
Well,i plan to take squash.haha.pray to god that i will get it.alehluya..lolz..
Lastly,wanna share you guys a bedtime story:
So,what is playing in your mind after you read this story?get the moral value behind?
for me,i feel it is so romantic but i don't wish it will happen on me.haha..
And i think the moral of the story is from this sentence
Chew it slowly..haha..=P

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ain't me at home (day 2)

Well,diet plan just goes well today.A cup of milk and 2 apples had made my day.hehe.Though I'm in hunger now yet must i persevere.Bear not to let myself keep putting on weight.
However,study plan was just a failure.Really had lost my passion for study.Dead meat..

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ain't me at home(part one)..

''Are you going home ?''
I believed this sentence had came out from mouths since coming Monday is public holiday..
As for me,i had chose to not home.Reason?
Work load is in heap.Assignments and test on coming friday.And not forgetten,my personal errand.heheh..
You see,personal errand is about self-time management.
assignments can put it aside.
Test?sad to say that im a midnight oil burner and caffein killer wheneva test approached..
So,all these will never be an obstacle to my way of home in anyway.
Deep down,the main reason is I wanna know the feeling of being home after apart for 3months which is the longest time in my life up till now.ok,read till this part,i know you people will say i LEBIH.-_-lll...lolz..I also paiseh to tell this reason to the way,fine,i don't care.
For today,i visit to another hostel in my university.Hostel application is around the corner yet i have any clue on where to move.headache.
Anyway,i have a high gratitude to my coursemate,jiting and wang xiao.haha.
Thanks you gals for the visit,precious time and girls cook very well.i will cook for you gals if i had learnt to cook. .hahahahhaa....

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


你是你生命的主宰者,要是人生是一部戏,那你就是导演.故事情节要如何发展下去,到最后故事里面的主角到底是好人有好报?还是应个正, ‘’忠忠直直,终需乞吃’’ 的悲惨下场?全由你来主导.



车子是用着蓝宝吉尼(Lamborginy)还是国产普腾(Proton Saga)..相等于一处世便衔着金钥匙出世的幸运儿或反之.

其实,不管你现在开着的是车子是用着蓝宝吉尼(Lamborginy)还是国产普腾(Proton Saga),最重要的是比赛时,你抱着的是怎么样的态度与心态.智者与愚者的衡量准则是在与他们的态度.

Thursday, January 22, 2009




Wednesday, January 21, 2009

One Step CloSer

First and foremost ,happy to say that my French test for today is an easy
And.... getting nearer to my home...
Can't find a word to describe my feeling but laughter from the bottom of my heart denotes everything .....
For thursday,there will be outing with my little bro...
he had been reminding me for thousand time to help him buy new year clothes...
but,you know?itz imposible....
No Time and im not sure about his size....
im a bad sister huh?lolz...
Anyway,i have tonnes of things to settle tommorow.headache...
Once done,must have to fly home immediately.....T_T

Sunday, January 11, 2009


When you are free and have nothing to do...just try this..

Chloe-->Just feel free to comment on my pic...lolz..

Sally-->I think she have the potential to be devil...lolz..

David--->He said he is like mashimaro.But i thk it is more like mashimaro in FAT version.lolz

Gabbage-->No matter how hard she try..she is still like acting

Pictures are took on 10/jan/09 Arked kolej 11 UTM...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2009 New Year Celebration!

Happy 2009!!!lolzz..well,if i reminisce my passed new year celebration,shame to tell you that,i never celebrate new year leh...lolz...
um..i think so la...
maybe i had but i forgot already...lolz....
whatever,i just know that for the moment,my memory land for new year celebration is empty.
If you do know,please tell me,k?lolz...
ok...2008 end wonderfully and 2009 started happily..lolz..
31st of DEC 2008,a RM3.30 bus ticket brought me to SINGAPORE.
A place which is so near yet so far.
When you have Sing dollar,it is hellish near!
otherwise,gosh!singapore is so far..lolz...
I back JB on 1st JAN 2009.This trip is just nice.
Thanks my friends there who spend their precious time with me.
Hope to see you guys very soon but singapore now is SO FAR.lolz.....
By the way,i will miss you guys damn much.lolz....

with winie.Theme for today's walk is japanese style.lolz......

Biao JIe and Ivan.oh yea,Ivan and winie are my primary school classmate.

Saw this interesting scene when we were on the way home.
The white white things are bubbles!so fun!i wish i was one of them.

Pretty xmas tree in Orchard road and Bugis Centre.

I like the way we poise.What's up duck(bugs bunny 's trademark..lolz)
The watch..lolz....i have a bear and winnie have a car....lolz...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Semester.......

First week of school day started officially.
My new semester is just cool!everyday is full with lectures.
Everyday,my class start at 8am and end at 6pm.
my thursday's morning classs even surge me into high emotion!
it started at 7am and again it end at 6pm..haha...SGP students ain't lazy,k?!!!lolz.....
soOo happy about it as i need to wake up early.hahahaha....T_T

Highlight for the day :
-Will be picking up French as my foreign language study.I intended to register japanese but the class full.haiz
-KungFu night at 8pm.Um..for your info,as for today,i have class from 8am till tired !tired!tired!But,i bet with my coursemate last week.The bet is i will follow his surname if i'm not attending the Kungfu class..There is a say in chinese goes''once words thrown out,four hourse hardly to chase'' gotta keep my words...lolz....-_-lll

Preview for cuming blog :
2009 New Year Celebration..lolz...Photos will be uploaded..