Thursday, April 30, 2009


Im in the bus now!haha,,,30th april,5pm sharp.say bye bye to JB!
im on da way home..hahaa..3 months of being apart from the place where i grow excitement now is ineffable..
But,one thing i family is damn miss me ..haha..expecially my mum..lolzz..
few days ago ,i call back home as usual.that time is morning.but the same day in the afternoon,i saw mom miss call me.and i call back to her.
I said:" why calling?"
Mum said:"oh..i just too play with my handphone and accidentally press to call you."
hahaha..what a lame excuse..haha..we talk for half an hour anyway.
Semester break starts.I hope there gonna be something different yet fruitful.
And ya,5 minutes ago,my cousin and sister ring me :
They said:"we go up the hill to shoot tiger once you reach here ya!"
lolz..i bet everybody is scratching head is family language,lolz..
well,it means,"we go Genting Highland once you reach here"
Know what is in my mind now?theme park?no no..
im aged,what's more if not casino!lol..
Casino!im hunting you tonight!lolz..

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