Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Latest of me....

In Utm now..all along the way back to utm ..my mood was blue..Have to be be apart with my family and friends..and i guess no one like to stay in jail rite?but i will know how to keep myself cheerful and will definitely carry myself in a better way....
Hoping evrything will be fine and run on track.
And ya..I had attend my cousin's wedding party few days ago..here are some nice moment that i grab......

the bridegroom and bride..
With my cousin...long time din't see them already..
The pic at right:don't you think the kid (my cousin also)in front look like ''hak sei wui dai loi''?
The pic at right:
The women behind my sis is my aunt.haiz.still like to play like a kid.
Before wedding :

The best way to keep kids sit quietly is by providing them computer gaming.lolz..

Sunday, December 28, 2008


3am morning..haiz...Now then i reached home.Really tired.Not my heart but my eyes.If i would a allowed to make many wishes,one of my wish will be my eyes stay pretty even i never sleep.lolz...
Important event for yesterday(27/12/2008)
MY MUM ' S COW ONE(birthday)
I was not with her but i did give her a call to wish her birthday for the very first time in my life(I never leave my mum on her bitrhday).
Anyway,i not yet give her birthday gift,and stop!Don't think i have no filial piety.
I did try to buy her birthday gift with my sister.But,mum seemed happy on eating recently.
We cant find her a decent clothes though a whole friday afternoon (26/12/08) had been spend with her.
At the end,a brilliant idea just accrosed my mind.i find her a dress for pregnant woman.lolzz.
When mum was in the fitting room,sister and i laugh ceaselessly outside.lolz....
Inside fitting room,mum keep asking is it a dress for pregnant woman?
outside ,we keep answering that NO NO,it is latest fasion.just try it...lolz..
My mum try it?
She opened the door and said:why you let me wear pregnant woman dress?
A second later after her words,we all including she herself burst into laughter.lolz..
Mum ain't stupid!lolz....
happy birthday mummy,you cook the most tasty food; you are the best alarm clock;no matter how enjoy you are in eating,you still stay pretty for me..=p

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wonderful morning V.S Miserable Afternoon.

It is a wonderful morning as i know i will meet with someone after an hour i wake up...
I'm going to have a very nice breakfast with him...
Even if there is no food for breaksfast,i will still feel full by just seeing him...
It had been almost half year since our last meet ..
Now,who the hell is so important to me as he can make me feel full by just seeing him ( 看到他就饱)huh?
he is NKH!!!!!!!!!lolz
who is NKH??
He play many roles in my life...lolxz......
the most important role is ....he taught me be bad(kan chan)..lolz....joke joke...
he is my 9 years of very best fren....
To see him is so hard as god likes to play fate game on us...
Luckily not for today...lolz
Photo taken after breakfast(26/12/08).
Duno why,In this pic,I find that nkh laugh in his most ever charming way that i ever see..(lolz..belanja minum NKH!)..don't u think so?
Nice moment flies...
After morning..i went for haircut as plan....I put my hair in middle line style 2 weeks ago...lolz..
<--------middle line
it is time to put it rite..lolz...
When i enter the shop.I told the hairstylist,i wan my hair in side line style...
But!do u know what she did for her first cut on my hair?
She cut almost 2cm of my hair in front of my forehead!!!!!!
I was stunned!!!!!
Immediately,i asked her: what are you trying to cut for me?
She answered:don't you requested for fringe?
WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
when did i say so????
of course,i didn't throw an tantrum on her as it helps nothing...
Instead,i smiled with her.tell her what i want in a very extremely patience mood.
I still need her to finish her job for my hair.
Gosh!sad for almost whole day!!!!!!so hard to keepmy air long and she is giving me something that isn't my want!!!!!!!!!!!
So,which hairshop i'm saying?lolz...
Give you the clue:
girls only who is IN and STYLElish will go there..

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Momentous Moment with 6 duk si

We are 6 Duk Si!lolz...
(From left:Nan Yeng,Pei Wen,Chwe Boon,Me,Mei Yee)
p/s:I duno why pei wen owaz like to kacau.see!she is closing her eyes!spoilt da pic!
Seriously...i really don't know how's and where the name of 6 duk si origin from.But,don't worry,i still remember how we built up our sisterhood..lolz
Um..we sit at the last 2 row of 6biology 1.We are the gang who in charge the Audio Department of 6 biology1.We produced noise effectively and efficiently rounding the clock.For these,we should pay high tribute to
TCB and NPL(me)..we are the super partner in doing evils' stuffs..lolz...And you know what funny things happen?we 2 make noice in behind of class but mei yee is the one who get scolded for making noise...poor mei yee...lolz...
That's is part of our history..
well,I should thanks Boon for arranging all this for us.I see your hard work in making this meeting done.Sorry for pissing you up that day while we are playing ping pong.lolz...i did it intentionally anyway..lolz...Just funny to see you frustrated..lolz.
6 duk si ..no! should be 5 duk si(Sarah in India..) meet in midvalley.We shopped and we always like to hold hands and walk in row as if the whole road was belong to our grandpa...lolx...
Hugging each other...
The moment we dine in Kim Gary is the moment i treasure the most as it's been long time we didn't chat well ....
My sisters,love you all so much.Hope to see you all soon!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Body Massage

Again,i should be in Diamond bay today but i'm not..lolx..
Momentous moment for today will be body massage..=)
I enjoy it after long day of walking.
For your info,today is my first time for body massage.haha...Kinda shy when I was requested to take of my clothes.lolz...Anyway,i treasure every second of the only 1 hour..=)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Today in Sunway....

Well,i should have to be in Diamond bay now yet i'm not.I had went for :
I had bought myself new years clothes.hehe..I had kinda self-contented feel now as i never buy new year clothes until one day before it(reunion night).Serious,know?lolz....
IP MAN was da movie i watched.And it was da second time i watch it in cinema.First time in Times Square(on last friday),Second time in Sunway.
(Not forgotten,i watched YES MAN on last wednesday in Mid-valley.If you are a comedy drama sucker.you should not miss out this.I strongly recommend you this movie as after watching this movie,You will not only get big smile painted on your face but some moral value in your brain as well.lolx...one stone two birds oh...)
Anyway,there are difference within my 2 times watching...
2nd-watch with different people.
3rd which is da main point i wanna tell you guys-Resoponse of Audience....Today,the hall is almost flooded.And people are so united.when they watch till the part which is funny.They laughed in loud.Really loud.They ''OH~''(again,a loud one)..when the movie is casting the sad part....
4th-my personal opinion to this movie...i don't really interested in martial art movie.Though my first watching is good but it just as not good as 2nd one.Think it is because of i know the plot already and the response of audience.
( To my friends in JB,for ur info,this is a place where you can drink lots of nice coco and banana juice oh..lolz)
Well,i swear!i seldom go for this kinda entertainment.3 fingers can finish da counting.Really,know?or else i won't be jotting down this thing to share with you...And this is what i always mean by what you see is always ain't what you get.lolz..There,I drink 3 big cup of banana juice which is yellowish in colour.Never drink so much banana juice in my life before.lolz..Feeling happy after i drink so much.my happiness last till now and drive me to write this blog.lolz...

Preview of coming blog :
Momentous moment with 6 duk si (six dung of shit)..
Stay tuned ya......^_^

Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy belated birthday!sis!

I'm not sure whether my sister will come visit my blog or not as they not yet know i got a new blog established here i guess.haha.
Anyway,Her birthday was on 2nd of December and it was her 16th birthday.hahahah...
Good lo you...can take SPM next year...I wan oso dun have ar(directly translated from cantonese)...hahaha...
By the way,back to the point.You know what i did for her?I did nothing.-_-ll...i forgot her birthday.-.-
So,now here a little thing to you :

Definitely will grab you a gift later...don't worry...
Fei Mui,dun sia sui me.study hard and excel in SPM...Thank Q you ha...lolz.......
happy birthday...lolz...^_^

Support Them!

I had my two days of working time which was started on last Saturday..um..worked for a company named The Truly Loving company.
In the perspective view of a freshy for society,i myself personally think that this company is excellent!
TLC generate funds for charitable causes by making their products the brand of choice for caring consumers.Can't get me?
ok..let me have a brieft intro to you.
The Truly Loving Company which launched in July 2006 became the first socially responsible business in Malaysia to use a corporate profit model to develop, manufacture and market the TLC brand of high quality household and personal care products to the public but with 100% of TLC’s dividends being distributed to worthy Malaysian charities in order to provide them with a regular, sustainable, long term source of income and funds.
haha..read till here..i bet u will have your picture of TLC painted in your mind.
And the second thing is,after i read through the founder biography...what i can say is ''pui fuk pui fuk''..lolz...
Why?She is a ladies and..lolz..long story..if you are thirsting for more info about it,just click here.
The link will bring you to her biography and Voice of her.Of course,it reveals you TLC as well.
After you know them more.Please,wait no more but support them please!

Giest of the days:
whenever i had completed my job,i learnt and get a little for each time(i have sort of part-time working experience..lolz).
For this time,
-I learnt the word Ai Zen.
lolz.....Sound familiar,rite?My blog's title.lolz....Dumby!!I had changed the "i" of Ai into "e" since i don't want it be same as the product's name.don't you notice that?lolz...
So,now you know where Ae Zen comes from?lolz...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I start to love.....

Oh..no..no no no....No hesitation on what is in front of your eyes,okay?
Yup..I start to love....
I never expect it comes so fast.
How do i feel?wow,i feel damn great.
you know,it was like every time i open my eyes,my heart beat is increasing ..dup..dup..dup..it goes so fast!
Sometimes,my nervous just out of my govern and it burst!Render a loud shout!No more a matter of manner!I just can't depress my feeling.Love is driving me insane!
And today,i would like to intro you my love.
oh...gosh...I feel so shy to do it....
BUt since you are my friend,i should share with you about my life...
okay,um...My loves :

Lolz..yea..yea...I start to love horror movie...lolz....i watched these two movie in one week time..lolz...I really shout in the cinema and not once but a few times when i watched Quarantine.That time,I guess people inside is less than 12..lolz...so paiseh..Anyway,don't miss out the movies!

Welcome to Ae Zen

Hi there!welcome!Welcome to Ae Zen.
What is Ae Zen?why Ae Zen huh?
Be patient,let me explain to you.
basically,Ae zen is japan term which means PERFECT LOVE.
PERFECT LOVE...o.O...lolz..
When you see these two words,be frank to me...what had acrossed your mind?
Most probably,it will be love of ''da bo''(boy) and ''za bo''(girl)...don't you?..lolz....
As for me..perfect love is meant to be love of all...
My family,definitely they always in the utmost important place in my heart.
People that i had met and made friend of mine,i love each of them.Of course,the better you treat me ,the more i love you(joke)..lolz..


Family+friends+to-be-friends =my love of all

This blog of mine will mainly be some jotting of my personal life which includes my family,''pig and dog friends''..funny stuff..blah blah...All these things are my love.
Tell me,if i don't name my blog as Ae Zen,what it should be?(scratching head)..lolz...
So,welcome to Ae Zen.Welcome to perfect love,the love of all !!!